Feed Management

DFA Feed ManagementDFA Feed Management


A major element of any farm is its feed programs. We work with brand name suppliers on behalf of farmers to provide you with feed, mineral premixes, formula feeds, bypass fats, calcium salts, bagged ingredients and custom ingredient blends.

While the product line is constantly evolving to fit both the needs of farmers and restraints of markets, these products have proven to be central to the success on many farms.

Our animal nutrition team is constantly monitoring fluctuations in the economy as they relate to feed ingredients. Additionally, they are always appraised of weather patterns and other region-specific factors that affect farms and act quickly to make sure your farm still gets the feed you need when you need it.

To learn more about feed options in your area, fill out the form below and a representative from our animal nutrition team will contact you with available options.  


Managing your silage has never been more important. Protect your feed with silage covers and inoculants that optimize and retain nutrients during storage and feed out. We partner with many leading manufacturers to offer you the best options from Viaflex, Chr. Hansen, Lallemand, American Farm Products, Silobolsa Plastar, Bag Man, Vermeer, Dutch Harvest and more. Whether you need silage plastics, bale wraps or new wraps for covers, we can provide you with the lengths you need and delivery times for your harvest season.

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