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Chr. Hansen SiloSolve AS Inoculant 1000 g bottle 6 per case is a silage inoculant from CHR Hansen which includes a new strain of Buchneri. Silosolve AS has benefits at the front end of fermentation by reducing dry matter loss and protein degradation in silage. It important to maintain a low pH value after opening the silo because this will inhibit growth of spoilage micro-organisms. In trials, SiloSolveAS was shown to improve aerobic stability and maintain a lower pH even after aerobic exposure. SiloSolve AS maintained a low pH throughout the trials, whereas the untreated silage had unacceptably high pH after opening. One 1000g jar treats 500 tonnes. 2 g/tonne. Refrigeration required after opening.

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Count 6
Brand Chr. Hansen
Size 1000 g
Packaging Case
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