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FOLLTROPIN 20 ml is used for the induction of superovulation in reproductively mature heifers and cows. FOLLTROPIN is highly purified, sterile, and has a consistently low LH: FSH ratio. FOLLTROPIN is a highly purified extract obtained from carefully selected porcine pituitary glands. It is lyophilized to maintain potency under normal storage conditions.

Indications: For the induction of superovulation in beef and dairy heifers and cows. Not for use in male cattle or reproductively immature heifers because safety and effectiveness have not been tested.

Ingredients: Each vial of FOLLTROPIN contains 700 IU FSH as a lyophilized powder.


Dosage and Administration:

For intramuscular injection only.

Reconstitute FOLLTROPIN with 20 mL of the diluent provided using a strict aseptic technique. Do not use if clumps or particles are visible after gentle mixing.


Start injections on days 8 to 10 following observed or induced estrus.

Administer 2.5 mL (87.5 IU*) of FOLLTROPIN intramuscularly, twice daily at 12-hour intervals, for 4 consecutive days.
In conjunction with the 6th dose of FOLLTROPIN, administer an FDA-approved prostaglandin product (cloprostenol sodium or dinoprost tromethamine) for cattle, using the labeled dosage and administration instructions to cause luteolysis and induce estrus.
Inseminate animals at 12 and 24 hours after the onset of estrus or 60 and 72 hours after prostaglandin treatment. Additional inseminations may be conducted at 12-hour intervals if indicated. Collection of embryos is normally started on day 7 following insemination.

How Packaged

Each box of FOLLTROPIN contains:

  • One 20 mL vial of 700 IU FSH as a lyophilized powder
  • One 20 mL diluent vial containing Bacteriostatic Sodium Chloride

Each box of FOLLTROPIN DUAL PACK contains:

Two 20 mL vials of 700 IU FSH as a lyophilized powder

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Size 20 ml
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