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Direct is a low foaming, no-rinse, multi-purpose acid sanitizer for use in CIP, COP, spray, and non-circulation applications. It is a registered sanitizer and is authorized for use on dairy farms as well as dairy, meat, and food manufacturing plants. It provides effective germicidal action on a broad range of microorganisms including gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. In CIP applications it allows the combining of the acid rinse function with the sanitizing function to save time and water. In spray applications it is fast and easy to use. Direct is very concentrated, with a use rate of 1 ounce to 8 gallons to 2oz in 6 gallons, and is thus very economical to use. In addition, its low foaming characteristics make it the product of choice for circulation sanitizing of dairy farm milk handling equipment or for food plant CIP systems.
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Count 1
Brand ProActive Solutions USA
Size 5 gal
Packaging Pail
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