Mystik LithoPlex 3% Moly #2 Grease provides outstanding protection in construction and mining applications where exceptional wear protection is required due to heavy shock load conditions. This premium quality Lithium Complex grease contain 3% Molybdenum Disulfide for protection in harsh environments and reduced frictional and abrasive wear on components. The result is increased equipment life and lower maintenance costs. It represents the latest technology in greases and contain extreme pressure (EP) additives, anti-wear (AW) additives, oxidation inhibitors, and corrosion inhibitors. It is suitable for use at higher temperatures than conventional soap greases. Mystik LithoPlex 3% Moly #2 Grease is recommended for construction equipment, mining equipment, fifth wheels, bucket pins, crusher bearings, pin and bushings, pivot pins, track drive rollers, and industrial applications.
  • Extreme pressure (EP) and anti-wear additives provide excellent extreme pressure and wear protection
  • Formulated with corrosion inhibitors to resist corrosion and extend equipment life
  • Contain oxidation inhibitors to extend the grease life and protect the application for longer periods
  • Polymeric additive improves water resistance and adhesion
More Information
Count 1
Brand Mystik
Size 120 lb
Packaging Drum
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