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YieldMaster Solutions MycoGold Corn 40 oz Pouch offers crop specific blends that are effective in improving production, creating better soil environments, and defending against disease and infestations. MycoGold is a complete package biological inoculant that starts working from germination all the way to harvest. MycoGold’s key biologicals work as bio-fertilizers.


MycoGold Advantage

8-20% Yield Increases

By improving nutrient uptake and soil biology, MycoGold seed inoculant supports plant growth leading to yield increases.

Improved Pest Resistance

Through root colonization, research has determined better plant defenses against disease. The Beauveria Bassiana fungi grows endophytically through the plant defending against various insect pests.

High Counts of Endo Fungi Propagules

Propagules start benefiting the plant in the early stages and are more effective than spores for row crops short growing season.

Improved Drought Resistance

Since MycoGold seed inoculant supports water uptake from the soil, it strengthens plants in drought periods. This is of high importance in times of increasingly extreme climate conditions.




  • Improved nutrient and water uptake
  • Improved Phosphorous uptake
  • Defends against disease and insect pests
  • Supplemental nutrition for optimal seedling start
  • Talc/graphite replacement
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Brand YieldMaster Solutions
Size 40 oz
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