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A combination of specific silage bacteria and co-factors that help improve the fermentation cycle. University trials show that AgriSile Silage Inoculant 100 G Jar can reduce dry matter loss and heating during fermentation so that dry matter recovery and feed efficiency are improved. By adding AgriSile you can begin to control some of those events that are normally uncontrollable. 

  • Provides more than 125,000 cfu of specific lactic acid bacteria per gram of silage - the right strains of bacteria to initiate a rapid pH drop

  • Bacterial strains that convert plant sugars to lactic acid and stabilize silage sooner

  • Limits mold and yeast growth because a quick drop to the range of pH 4.0 inhibits their reproduction and growth, meaning a better bunk life and feed values during feedout

  • Water-soluble for easy mixing and even application

  • Special equipment to safely apply AgriSile without damaging the bacteria

To achieve maximum shelf life, granular AgriSile should be stored in a cool and dry place out of direct sunlight. AgriSile concentrate should be kept in the refrigerator or freezer.

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Count 1
Brand American Farm Products
Size 100 g
Packaging Bottle
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