Milk Testing


 With milk testing, quality can’t be spared. You have to have reliable tests to ensure you milk remains high quality. Our milk testing offerings offer reliability, accurate results and come in a number of options for your operation. 

Through Acumen Detection, you can identify contagious mastitis-causing pathogens in three hours on your farm. Unlike culture methods, the Acumen Detection System uses real-time PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) technology. This rapid on-farm testing capability allows you to make informed decisions before the next milking, instead of waiting days or weeks for the lab to return results. 

QualiTru Sampling Systems provides accurate, aseptic inline or silo and truck fluid sampling. Whether you take string or group samples on the farmsample incoming milk tankerssample in plant, or test operations loading milk directly into milk tankersQualiTru Sampling Systems has what works for your application.  

Test milk drug residues easily with SNAPCHARM or DelvoTest. We have the full line available for you to use. 

Find out more about all of the tests we can provide to your farm. 

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