ATTIS Microbial Crop Inoculant 3 LB Bag 6 Bags Per Case contains a unique strain of Bacillus megaterium. ATTIS has been shown in numerous field trials to increase silage biomass through improved nutrient uptake, improved tolerance to abiotic stress, and increased availability of nutrients from the soil.

ATTIS quickly colonizes the roots of plants to help increase the availability of nutrients. It increases the solubilization and uptake of bound nutrients – particularly phosphorus – from the soil. 

Higher phosphorous uptake can mean more protein and improved starch production in corn – with up to 70% of the phosphorous uptake stored in the grains.

ATTIS helps the plant access water and nutrients from the soil.

By maintaining more consistent access and uptake of nutrients as the plant rapidly grows toward harvest, ATTIS helps increase forage yield potential.

By optimizing soil conditions, ATTIS provides a more robust and developed root structure and helps reduce abiotic stress such as drought.

Corn silage plants treated with ATTIS have demonstrated higher water use efficiency, which helped maintain a higher rate of growth during simulated drought stress.

Available in 3 lb bag, case of 6 bags.

More Information
Count 6
Brand Chr. Hansen
Size 3 lb
Packaging Case
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